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Hagley RC High School

Hagley RC High School

The school motto is Semper Fidelis, meaning always faithful.

This school’s mission is to educate pupils in a Catholic environment where they can grow in faith, knowledge and understanding to serve as a witness to the Catholic faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. Guided by these principles our Mission Statement is:To make our school a safe refuge - In our Father’s hands, To love God and our neighbour - As Christ loves us, To be guided in our work and play - By the power of the Holy Spirit.

From our Mission Statement the Aims of the School are: This school aims to provide an education through which pupils can acquire life skills, attitudes and values which will prepare them to become free, responsible and active members of society, making the Church’s mission present to all by the example of their lives. This school aims to create a community which promotes tolerance, respect and sensitivity to the needs of others so that pupils realise their duties and responsibilities to their neighbour as well as their personal rights and freedoms. In summary our school aims to be a school to which children wish to come, to which parents wish to send their children and where teachers wish to teach.