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Holyhead School

Holyhead School

Ask us, and you will find that we dance to music from America, Africa and Asia; we eat food from Ireland, Italy, Poland and Jamaica; we speak over forty languages and we know over four-hundred different ways to cook a potato. We look Celtic, Slavonic, Arabic, African and Bengali; we can wear kilts, saris, pyjamas and football shirts; and if you get very close to us and look right into our eyes, you can almost see the history of the whole world.

None of us want to live in a world where everybody looks the same.  We are all ready to embrace a multi-cultural, multi-coloured land where every child is equal and all children have a story to call their own.

If this country is going to be great in the future, it will be because of people like us.  We want curry and chips, mangoes and strawberries, kebab and baklava, jerk chicken and apple crumble, and we think of all these things as British.

We are not a single tribe, or a single religion and we don’t share a single heritage even though most of us were born in the same place.  We enjoy the diversity yet celebrate the unity of people.  We are building a future home where we are all able to be who we want to be, yet still be British.

This is what we do at Holyhead. We believe there are no limits to our ability to learn from each other. We take, we adapt and we move forward.  We have our own way of living together. We are happy to learn; because we know we shall need all of our intelligence.  We are lively; because we know we shall need all of our enthusiasm.  We are organised; because we know we shall need all of our power. We are go-givers not go- getters. We are busy making ourselves into a key feature of the global community, securing our place under the sun.


We are Holyhead!