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Q3 Academy

Q3 Academy

Christian values will underpin Q3 Academy. We recognise the heritage of faith that has supported many schools throughout the country through the years. The Academy will build on this heritage to provide holistic education to enrich the learning experience of every student.

Spiritual and moral development is a powerful resource within a school's environment, reflecting the diversity of culture, ethnic background and experience in the local community. So what exactly is meant by 'spirituality'? The Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted) defines it this way:

"The development of a sense of identity, self worth, meaning and purpose. It is about the development of a student's 'spirit'. Some people may call it development of a student's 'soul', others as the development of 'personality' or character"

SACRE - the Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education - believes:"That spirituality is concerned with 'whole child' development, taking an holistic view of education. A school that continues to address spiritual development will find that children become more 'ready' learners, willing to co-operate and contribute within the school community." Both these views of spirituality are in accord with those of the Sponsor of Q3 Academy.