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Walsall Housing Group

Walsall Housing Group


WHG is one of theAbo largest and most successful providers of high quality housing in the West Midlands. Owning and managing around 19,000 properties across Walsall, whg provides affordable, good quality homes and community-based services to the local community. We house almost 40,000 people, which is around one fifth of the borough’s population.

Our homes are located over five local neighbourhood areas:

We are committed to capturing the passion from customers and colleagues to work together to transform the quality of life in our neighbourhoods, striving for excellence in all we do.

In the last nine years we have invested over £350 million in our homes and we have developed a range of services that go beyond our traditional role as a landlord. We own 19,000 properties and we work hard to make sure that they are well managed and maintained so that our customers can enjoy them in safety and comfort.

We work closely with residents and communities and our priority has always been to put our customers first in all of our work. That has meant listening to what they have to say and changing the way we do things to meet their needs. We want to get the basics right first time, every time