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  • In today’s connected society, knowing the most is no longer good enough. And being the best won’t necessarily get you anywhere, either. To advance in your career, to win new customers and to line up new job offers, you must work out how to network – and you must get good at doing it.
  • So you’ve been invited in for a job interview? Congratulations! You prepare for it, study the company, iron your suit. But there’s one thing that you’re not prepared for. Those inevitable tricky questions.
  • Here are five of what we think are the top tips for maximising your potential at job interview and landing the dream job that you have set your heart on.
  • Sure, you’ve read all the articles there are to read about what your CV should look like, what to include in a covering letter and how to dress for an interview right? You haven’t? Well in that case you should read our 10 things to avoid.
  • Whether you’re leaving your current job, out of work and looking to get back in the game or about to make that first step into the world of work, writing a winning covering letter is essential.
  • Writing a CV, particularly for the first time is not an easy task. Get your inspiration from our years of experience of working with respected industry figures and local recruiters.
  • Rapport is the connection between two people; the spoken and unspoken words that say ‘we are on the same page’. In an interview situation you can employ numerous techniques to maximize the rapport between yourself and your interviewer.
  • Understandably, many people find discussing salaries uncomfortable and embarrassing during an interview. However, most interviewers expect some bartering and, if it motivates you to put more into the job, it is worthwhile for both the applicant and the employer.