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About MX UK Ltd

Founded in 1951 by Louis Mailleux in Acigné, Brittany (France), the company initially manufactured ploughs. As an entrepreneur with a desire to make the work of farmers easier, Louis Mailleux designed and industrialised the his front loader in 1963.

MX has now built up 70 years of close collaboration with farmers. Bolstered by this renewed sense of confidence, the family company with its 550 staff continues to grow.

MX is committed to doing business responsibly in order to overcome the economic, social and environmental challenges.

Attentive to its customers, with whom it continues to forge a close relationship, MX develops products and services to make their lives easier. 

As an industrial business with close involvement in the region, MX champions local employment and encourages professional development. Employee well-being in the workplace is constantly evaluated to establish improvement plans where necessary.

MX prioritises proximity choosing local suppliers and service providers.

MX also actively seeks to reduce its environmental impact through eco-design and by optimising material and energy consumption and reducing and recycling waste.
Confident that these responsible actions will contribute to the company's longevity, MX's 550 employees are committed to meeting the needs of farmers each and every day.

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