Maninplace Estate Ltd

United Kingdom

About Maninplace Estate Ltd

Maninplace is an Accommodation Service established in October 2006, it is a not for profit community enterprise and a limited company. It was set up to assist those who are homeless and unable to access social housing or the private rented sector housing market, due to limited Income or life style.  Maninplace Estate Ltd works around a strong Christian ethos, many of our staff and volunteers are Christian and are giving their time because of their Christian beliefs.


Maninplace came about as a result of daily experience in the KiP project of the need for accommodation. It has been developed as a response to the evident need of those who find themselves homeless for a range of reason.  It aims to compliment the valuable work of KiP by providing varied temporary accommodation. It was the same God given inspiration that brought KiP into being which instigated this practical response.


Recognition is due to everyone who makes Maninplace possible and we give thanks for:


The Partnership between inspired volunteers with private developers and landlords. the staff - paid and volunteers. the residents who contribute by gestures of Kindness and generosity. people who help in other ways - donating items, raising money, making curtains, cleaning, Gardening constructing the shed moving furniture etc etc, neighbours who understand and support, the Local Authority personnel who work with Maninplace, partnerships with regional and local homeless providers, but most of all recognition must go to the God who inspires compassionate innovative responses to homelessness, who provides for all, an example of generous life transforming love.


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