Senior Sales Manager (Quarrying and Mining equipment)

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20 Mar 2017
28 Mar 2017
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The Senior Sales Manager is responsible to co-ordinate all of the sales activities for client. This involves the effective management of the sales personnel working for this company to ensure that all areas of the market are canvassed as far as possible through customer visits, distribution of promotional media, attendance of exhibitions, following up of prospective customer leads etc. Once a potential customer is located it is the responsibility of the Senior Sales Manager to ensure that the sales person allocated to that enquiry has all the resources and assistance that they require in order to provide the best sales proposal that will have the greatest chance of securing an order for client. The Senior Sales Manager is also responsible for ensuring that the equipment ordered arrives on time, is correctly constructed and commissioned and fulfills the contractual obligations of the customer for the warranty period and thereafter.

Within 12 months, the incumbent will progress into a Sales Director role.

Key Responsibilities / Person Specification:

- Responsible for receiving enquiries from customers, either directly or through agents, allocating enquiry numbers from the data base, and thereafter allocating the enquiry to the respective salesperson (dependant on the enquiry).
- Liaise with clients overseas companies if there is a chance of cross-border issues. If such issues exist then discuss with the respective site to establish best way to proceed and to ensure that there are no discrepancies between the offers.
- Conduct investigations to determine what would be the best combination of equipment for the application, and where necessary prepare documentation accordingly by liaising with the Projects Department, Technical Department, Contracts Department and any other departments as required.
- In the event that further discussions are required regarding the specification, then a site visit would be arranged with the customer.
- Conduct marketing and sales initiatives by visiting potential and existing customers, attending exhibitions, through the use of agents, providing sales presentations etc

Sales area includes;

- Western Europe, including UK and Ireland
- North Africa
- Middle East
- Central Europe
- Eastern Europe
- Russia, and former CIS countries
- Central Asia (the 'Stans')
- Mongolia
- Scandinavian countries
- Balkans
- Pakistan

- Arranging site visits for potential customers to visit existing installations, which could be anywhere in the world.
- Conduct sales and contract negotiations which can take on various forms such as in-depth telephone communications, conference calls, site visits etc. This could entail several visits before a final contract is agreed.
- Processing of orders, which can be anything from spare parts to a full installation. This involves the completion of spec sheets, discussions with all relevant departments including Quality Assurance, Commercial, CAD Office, Projects and Manufacturing to ensure that the customer's delivery dates and requirements can be met, as any discrepancies could incur penalties.
- Perform after-sales support activities to ensure that customers are satisfied with their equipment, or whether client needs to make any modifications to improve the performance.
- Arrange visits by Service Engineers to the locations where the equipment is operating.
- Dealing with any customer complaints, which may require site visits, and/or service visits and rectification work where necessary.
- Pre selection of new sales managers.

Any other additional duties relevant to your role as necessitated by the needs of the business