Software Developer

Geospatial Insight
£32,000 per annum
31 Jul 2017
31 Aug 2017
Contract Type
Full Time

Geospatial Insight was established in 2012 by a number of highly experienced experts in the geospatial market with a vision to harness the full potential of satellite remote sensing. By deriving real-world, actionable intelligence from remotely sensed data, we provide our clients with the timely and vital information that they need to make better business decisions.

Role Summary:

As a Software Developer at Geospatial Insight, you will use your skills to develop new services and capability in the geospatial intelligence sector.

Principal Responsibilities:

• Developing Geospatial Insight’s insurance software capability as a web platform
• Introducing Augmented/Mixed reality capability into our insurance applications
• Contributing to the development of mobile versions of current software platforms
• Supporting development of new products and services in other business sectors, including catastrophe response and commodities.

Essential Abilities & Knowledge:

The candidate must have a broad background in computer programming, with emphasis on web based development. A hard working mentality and willingness to adapt to new challenges and learn new areas of expertise is also essential. The following are the essential abilities and knowledge:

• A degree in either computer science or a science discipline which includes a strong emphasis on computer programming
• High level of knowledge and experience of using client side web technology, including HTML 5, CSS, and JavaScript
• Knowledge of development for mobile applications
• Knowledge and experience of server side web technology, including MySQL database management and PHP scripting
• Familiarity or some experience of using the Open Layers 3 library
• A strong technical background with proven track record in successful software development, implementation, bug fixing and support
• Strong mathematical background
• Excellent coding standards, including appropriate formatting, commenting and version management
• A solid understanding of computer logic in general, including optimising software for use on available hardware and multi-threading
• Excellent team worker with good communication skills
• Familiarity with at least one IDE for software development
• Experience of working and collaborating with a technical development team
• Ability to work and appropriately express ideas with non-technical colleagues and clients
• Excellent report writing skills, enabling the creation of both detailed technical reports and accessible client facing reports

Desired Abilities & Knowledge:

• Experience with AR technology and software, including where possible web and mobile implementations
• Sufficient understanding of AR systems to work towards the development of web based AR products
• Experience using the GIT versioning system (e.g. through GitHub)
• Knowledge and experience of using object oriented programming languages such as Python, Java or C++
• Good knowledge of the R and Python programming languages


• Bonus scheme
• Flexile and remote working
• Fitness Memberships
• Ride to work scheme
• Work from home allowances
• Team building days
• Training and development

To further develop our market disrupting products and services, Geospatial Insight are looking to strengthen the team by recruiting the brightest minds in the Earth Observation, Software Development and Technology sectors. By joining Geospatial Insight, you will be greeted by a working environment which fosters innovation and skill development, enabling you to position yourself at the cutting edge in your field.