Interim Production Operations Manager

William Scott Consulting
08 Oct 2017
27 Oct 2017
Contract Type
Full Time

We see the phrase 'exponential growth’ in 'adverts’ all the time now - but what does it actually mean?

Reality is, it means things are likely to be tough; you’ll need to commit to working long hours and understand that there isn’t likely to be any light at the end of the tunnel of dreams for some time - I guess this is what we call resilience which born out of realistic optimism and sheer persistence.

When any organisation experiences rapid growth (or exponential growth if we’re to stay in line with phrase trends…) it rarely has time to catch its breath - delivering to the customers’ expectations is the number one priority (second to Health & Safety of course) so you get embroiled in the day to day fire fighting mentality. Which, we understand, is important - after all, without the customer there is no business; however, we need someone that can give the customer what they need but in parallel, give the business what they need too. Whilst everything around you is fast, frenetic and fractious - somehow (for you) everything slows down - you feel a bit like Neo from the Matrix; and the more it slows the more you see. This ability allows you to simultaneously manage the current environment effectively, keep the customer happy and strategically impact the future of your business (whilst dodging the odd verbal bullet). And it’s this ability, coupled with your experience, that sets you apart from your peer group.

If that doesn’t sound like you then it’s probably been a waste of your time and mine; however, you may know a Neo, so feel free to point them in this direction.

If you’d like to know more then please contact us to arrange a time for us to speak in more detail.

Thanks for reading.

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