Castle Vale
10 Oct 2017
13 Oct 2017
Contract Type
Full Time
What kind of work do you need? Repair.
What problem are you having? Fixture not draining or flushing.
Which part of the plumbing system requires work? Toilet.
How long has this problem existed? Periodically over the past month and longer.
Which room require plumbing work? Bathroom. Other Toilet.
Will you provide all necessary materials and parts? No, I will need the professional to provide materials and parts.
How is the building connected to water and sewage systems? I'm not sure.
What type of property do you have? Home.
Is any part of the building flooded? No.
Anything else the Plumber should know? Main Toilet the flush is very weak. downstairs toilet is leaking into toilet.
When do you need plumbing? Friday 13 October 2017 (13/10/2017).
At what time? 12:00.