Agile Coach - Argos, Bank, Non-Food

15 Apr 2018
18 Apr 2018
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Agile CoachThe Agile Coach leads and coaches the organization through its lean andagile transformation journey. They have mastered modern productdevelopment theory and together with the wider coaching community theywill use this deep understanding to guide everybody to implementindustry leading Agile Practices across D&T. An agile mentor whoimparts agile values, spirit and practices to others is sought out as anAgile Coach.What I need to do Be a true servant leader working across multiple teams and multiple products. Coach the Development Teams in self-organisation and cross-functionality Help the Development Teams to create high-value products Coach the Development Teams in organisational environments in whichScrum is not yet fully adopted and understood Keep the Feature teams and Product Owners honest with respect to Leanand Scrum Work with Lean Agile Team Facilitators to increase the effectivenessof the application of Scrum as the framework for organisational change. Support the efficient flow of work through Agile teams by helping theteams remove obstacles and make improvements Support Lean and Agile thinking as the norm and help foster a cultureof continuous improvement Cultivate trust through personal and team relationships with a rangeof product owners Enforce a culture of stop and fix to protect the development teamsreputation for excellence in engineering Facilitate Scrum events as requested or needed Teach teams to monitor progress within and across sprints usingeffective metrics Understand and teach teams the value of visual management and bigvisual boards Participate in the recruitment and retention of Lean Agile Team facilitator. Encourage a culture of openness and transparency and one of "GoSee" to really understand what is going on. Plan Scrum implementations within the D&T organisation Develop the skills of and mentor Lean Agile Team Facilitators Proactive in coaching others and knowledge sharing within Communitiesof Practice (COP) and other networks Teach and coach Agile practices (Scrum, XP, Lean... ) and valueswithin the Development Teams and D&T organisation Build training materials to support a blended learning strategy Deliver training to groups across D&T organisation and facilitateevents such as Impact mapping, Story Wall Mapping etc. Work with the products to help them make progress on their improvement journeys.What I need to know Solid industry experience in coaching teams across products and acrosslines of business Whilst recognised certification from the Scrum Alliance (CertifiedScrum Master, Certified Product Owner, Certified Agile Coach etc.) arevaluable more value is placed on the diversity of coaching experiencesthat can be demonstrated or evidenced using different client engagementexamples and which include experience at the enterprise level Have excellent knowledge & experience of Agile teachings,approaches, behaviours and be capable of helping both teams and thewider organisation to address the dysfunctions that may result fromteams and others misinterpreting, ignoring or rejecting Lean and Agilevalues and principles Have a rich set of facilitation, training and coaching tools and models. Be capable of teaching and coaching the adoption of ContinuousDelivery Practices such as integrating continuously (CI), TDD, ATDD,BDD, Pairing, Mobbing Have knowledge and experience with complexity and queuing theory,psychology and other related sciences Exhibit a deep passion for continuous learning and seek to provideknowledge gained throughout the entire organisation beyond the teams andfacilitate classes, workshops and other sharing events such at Meet-ups,Open Space etc. Demonstrate thought leadership through speaking engagements atindustry conferences and eventsWhat I need to show Passion for your trade, live the agile values and principles, be apro-active and confident evangelist. Effective collaborator who inspirespartnership. An influencer who builds a positive brand#LI-JV1 - provided by Dice AGILE, BDD, FIX, SCRUM, TDD