Assistant Psychologist

Croner Management
14 Jun 2018
26 Jun 2018
Job Type
Contract Type
We are currently recruiting for an Assistant Psychologist for a 12 month fixed term contract for our service based in Hurley, Berkshire.
Main function of the job:-
The psychology service is composed of a consultant clinical psychologist and assistant psychologist providing clinical input across the service. The main aspects of the role are completing a range of assessments (e.g. personality, cognitive, mood, neuropsychological and behavioural), providing therapeutic input to individuals or groups and contributing to care or treatment plans (e.g. devising behaviour management programmes). The team are also actively involved in providing in-house training to staff and reflective practice and clinical supervision.
Main duties of the role:-
1. To undertake protocol based psychological assessments, including basic neuropsychological tests, questionnaires, self-report measures, rating scales, direct and indirect observations and semi-structured interviews as directed by a qualified psychologist.
2. To assist in the preparation of Care Programme Approach (CPA) reports under supervision from a qualified psychologist.
3. To assist in the formulation and delivery of care plans involving psychological treatment and/or management of a service user's problems, under the supervision of a qualified psychologist.
4. To attend and contribute to appropriate multi-disciplinary meetings and reviews (e.g. reporting assessment results, handing over behaviour guidelines or providing feed back on progress in treatment) under the guidance of a qualified psychologist.
5. To assist in the coordination and running of therapeutic groups.
6. Meet and advise relatives and other professionals under the guidance of a qualified psychologist.
7. Participate in initial assessments to assist the team with identifying potential new service user's suitability for admission to the service.
8. Give professional advice and support to care, education and other staff involved in implementing behaviour management programmes in consultation with a qualified psychologist.
9. Liaise or work directly with all the specialists and professionals concerned on specific cases and programmes as required.
10. Assist the Consultant Psychologist and other clinicians in clinical work and other duties as required.
11. To maintain service user records, including clinical observations, clinical notes, tests and other relevant service user data.
12. To monitor and maintain the psychology services tests and questionnaire resources and inform the Consultant Psychologist of any additional resources required.
13. To participate in regular clinical supervision. A minimum one hour a week of supervision will be offered in a confidential setting in addition to working alongside a qualified psychologist as required for more complex clinical work.
14. To assist in the design and implementation of service development projects within the service as required.
15. Organise own workload under the direct support and supervision of a qualified psychologist and line manager.
  • Maintain client and business confidentiality at all times
17. Continual Personal Development to develop oneself and the role.
18. In addition to these tasks, employees may at times be asked to carry out other reasonable duties as required by the service.
Personal Specification:-
?? First degree in psychology, or MSc, which confers eligibility for graduate basis for Chartered Membership (GBC) with the British Psychological Society.
?? Experience of paid or voluntary work in a clinical, community or clinical-academic setting exposing the person to service user groups and service settings directly relevant to clinical psychology.
?? Some experience applying psychological theory to a clinical context and / or experience carrying out psychological assessments and drawing up basic psychological formulations and awareness of the importance of evidence based practice.
?? Effective communication skills, both orally and in written format.
?? Evidence of potential to communicate complex, technical and clinically sensitive information to individuals with whom clinical psychologists usually work. This includes both psychologists and fellow professionals, as well as individual service users and their relatives/carers.
?? Evidence of potential for good presentation and teaching skills suited to both formal and informal settings.
?? Evidence of potential to formulate and articulate sound judgements based on analysis and interpretation of a range of complex information in clinical work, drawing both on clinical observation and on relevant theoretical models.
?? Evidence of organisational potential which enables planning of own workload in relation both to clinical work (e.g. organise appointments with staff and service user plans and sessions.
?? Familiarity with computer use which will include email, word-processing, spreadsheets, database programmes, Publisher and PowerPoint.
?? Evidence of ability to form empathic relations with a wide range of service users in a variety of settings.
?? Evidence of a capacity to reflect constructively on all aspects of own performance (clinical and professional).