Lead Project Manager

CMR Recruitment
£40,000 per annum
20 Jan 2019
24 Jan 2019
Contract Type
Full Time

Job Title: Lead Project Manager

Rate: £40 - £50K dependent upon experience

Location: Walsall

Our SME client who were established in 1968 as specialist restorers have had great progression and are now recognised for their work in multiple fields. They are now looking for a Lead Project Manager to join this small and busy team. This Lead Project Manager must have the focus on helping clients to get more from their people, ensuring that the workspaces envisioned are delivered in line with the expectation.

About our Clients Employees

As a member of the team they expect all of their employees to embrace and work with the 5 company core values:

  • A Good Attitude, Honesty & Integrity, Upbeat & Positive, A Team Player and Action Orientated

Key Competencies include:

Core Values:

Our values underpin not only the management of the organisation but also define the culture and personality of the business. They are part of the heart and soul of the company. They represent the rules and boundaries around which we work and all employees should ensure their behaviours and decisions are aligned to the values.

Health & Safety:

All employees are responsible for health and safety within the workplace, project managers are responsible for management of health and safety on the live working sites that they are managing.

Employee Relations:

Employee attitudes and commitment are strongly associated with business performance; thus, all employees should encourage positive employee relations across the entire business. In doing so, individuals need to demonstrate effective negotiation skills, understanding how to develop trust and respect. This is both a proactive and reactive process that requires individual investment.


The project manager is responsible for ensuring that the administration of their projects is completed within a timely manner, ensuring adherence to the company administrative processes. The project manager must ensure:

- The excel cost card is maintained

- The Smartsheet programme is updated

- An electronic project folder is maintained, and all project documentation is stored in there


The project manager is responsible for

- Reporting to the Operations Manager at a weekly meeting

- Reporting to the Operations Manager if there is a 'roadblock’ preventing them from achieving project success

Preparing budget costs:

All projects need to be cost effective and profitable, delivering the project within the allocated budgets. The project manager needs to maintain control of all costings per individual projects.


Project Managers are responsible for triggering the raising and issuing of sales invoices in line with the project programmes. They should also track all Variations Orders on a Contract Report and ensure that all variations to contract are invoiced at project completion if not before.

Managing sub contract labour:

The project manager role will also be required to oversee the vetting and allocation of sub contract labour for projects in an accurate and timely manner. Where appropriate, the project manager role will need to challenge the sub-contractors when scheduled work has not been completed, yet not compromise the existing relationship with them. It is imperative that any sub contract labour is representative of the standards required by the company and when not, all issues should be dealt with in a timely and effective manner. If appropriate, areas of non-compliance should be dealt with either by yourself or escalated to the Operations Manager immediately.

In the event of extra work, it is the responsibility of the project manager to monitor all completion dates and help resolve the outstanding issues.

Risk Assessment:

All project managers are responsible for producing or obtaining risk assessments and method statements for their projects that must be issued to all sub contract labour on the first day at site. It is imperative that this aspect of the role is completed in full. They must be saved in the appropriate client file on the server so that they can be accessed by the Health & Safety Manager at any time.

Personal Skills:

Strong Leadership characteristics, and taking responsibility

Ability to work in and lead a team communicating and liaising with other team members to hit common goals and deliver projects.

Ability to work with attention to detail

Good personal discipline, organisation skills and ability to develop and adhere to systems and reporting.

Solutions based approach and proactive suggestions to issues and challenges

Problem solving & reacting to change:

It is essential in this role to have proactive approach to problem solving and implementing change. Problem solving & change should be handled in a timely, effective and communicative way that has as little impact on the client as possible whilst continuing to maximize on profit.


This is a key contact role for both internal and external customers and is a high-profile role in an extremely competitive market. There may be occasions when you may be contacted out of hours. The Company will do all it can to minimize these occasions, but it needs to be noted and accepted that this is part of the job

In periods of authorised absence such as annual leave / sickness, you will be required to allocate a point of contact within your team for each project that you currently have live. This allocated resource will need to be fully briefed on your current projects, understanding specific actions that are required within agreed timescales and acknowledging that they become the point of contact for the duration of your absence.

Stress Tolerance:

As an employee/ manager, you will, at times, be subject to stressful situations that require a methodical and logical approach to resolve. You should be able to channel stress positively and use it to their advantage in terms of problem solving and implementing change to aid successful project delivery.

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